Let’s Get Started…

I created this post to blog my journey to applying to MBA programs this fall…

I feel like this is normal for most people in this situation but with all the GMAT studying, B school researching, career mapping, forum reading for tips, and application prepping.. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed. I’m the type of person that hates being scatterbrained and feeling like i’m being pulled in all different directions and that’s exactly what’s going on right now so i hope this blog helps me and maybe even you organize my thoughts.

I just turned 24 years old so i am on the young end of the spectrum as far as applying for MBA programs which is sort of intimidating but at the same time exciting because I want to learn so much from my future peers and faculty about advancing my career. The most surprising thing i have come across while reading articles and forums is how specific MBA applicants are with career goals. I think it’s amazing when people know where they are, where they wanna be and how they’re gonna get there and i want to get that point before this process is all over.

I was an undergrad finance major and now i work in tax consulting in Texas. As evident in my username, i am really wanting to go to school in California. My top choices are UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UT Austin, with USC being a 4th or 5th option. Career wise, i know i want to do corporate finance, popular choices consulting (too much travel) and investment banking (ridiculously long hours) are not appealing to me.

My main dilemma is deciding which industry i would like to work in and which school will give me the best career options as far as recruiting. I’m extremely interested in either the energy/oil and gas sector or the healthcare/pharma/biotech sector. Telecom is also appealing, mostly because of the vast opportunities West Coast schools offer with its close relation to Silicon Valley, but i think the ease of recruitment would be the biggest factor if i chose this industry, just because i’m what you would call “not Tech savvy”, but hey i have 5 months to get there right.

Goals: August 2nd for the GMAT and November for first round MBA apps through the Consortium. I’m nervous, excited, anxious, and slightly overwhelmed but this will be a great ride and i welcome all of you to enjoy it with me.


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  1. All the best Texaswannabecali! 🙂 I am tuned in!

  2. I also linked to your blog… hopefully it drives views!

  3. Great blog! I’ll be watching your journey… I left CA to pursue schools on the East Coast. Consortium is a really great program, and I think you have a good plan. Lemme know if you need help with the GMAT (or check out my guide: http://grantmeadmission.com/2014/05/19/how-i-got-a-710-on-my-first-try/)… I’m actually taking it again around the same time as you.

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