Weekend Wrap Up

Not much of an exciting weekend unfortunately unless you consider GMAT studying exciting. I guess that’s the life of a business school applicant. Summa. Summa. Summatime.

My subconscious has been temporarily taken over by arithmetic, algebra, and geometry and the frustration has started to settle in. I consider myself pretty good at math, but the GMAC really knows how to make me question that fact. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, so instead of following my instinct and doing what I know, I rack my brain endlessly trying to remember the formula and recommended step by step guide from page 182 of the Princeton GMAT review to solve a problem and subsequently take 200 years to solve a problem.

But now that I’ve spent a few hours practicing problems (the easy ones), things are starting to take shape and my brain is getting a little more organized. I purchased Magoosh last weekend (thanks for the recommendation GrantMeAdmission) and I am loving it so far. Especially on Quant. With a few more weekends of constant practice (and i need alot) I have a good feeling about where I’ll stand once G-day comes around August.

So for everyone else studying or maybe even those that have taken the test already, what are your tips and practices for studying Quant. I already use an error log and will start using the flashcards on Magoosh, but anything else I may be missing or even something that you have found to be extremely useful? I really want to organize all of the concepts better so I have an easy point of reference when practicing problems. I took notes as I did the Quant review, but what I ended up with was just that… a notebook full of notes.

I will be out of town for work all this week, and i’m not sure what it is about traveling, but my body is always thrown out of wack and I’m more tired in the evening than usual so I’m really hoping I still have the energy to study at least 2 hours every night before bed. We shall see.


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  1. The error log is golden, for both quant and verbal. I’ve been doing the Manhattan Strategic Guide set, 5th Edition ( Only for quant) for 2 weeks now. It is comprehensive, and speaks the language I understand ( My quant is terrible)! I have been putting in about 4-5 hours on week days, and about 6-7 hours over the weekends. Will start taking full length tests in about 2 weeks!

  2. Just do it.

    Ask yourself every night: Would I rather be _________ or going to my dream bschool?

    Piece of cake 😉 haha

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