How’s that Checklist Coming…

Okay so is it just me or is the month of June flying by? I swear just a few days ago I was writing my “Goals for June” post. That tells you just how far I got to checking things off of the list… Not far 😦  I tend to be a task oriented person so doing several things at once kind of blows my mind and I like to stay focused on one thing, but with June nearing its end in less than 2 weeks, I plan on doing some serious checking off the next few days. Yay for multitasking.

Travelling all last week really cost me some valuable checks I must say. When I’m in the office, it’s just so much easier to manage my time, but when I’m at the client site, we have so much to do in so little time that I work way longer hours than normal so I hardly had time to do anything but work and eat.. and occasionally sleep. I was able to get alot of GMAT studying done though in the airport thanks to several flight delays. And of course I made time for a few quick workouts in the crappy hotel gym (I had to train for a 5k I was running Saturday morning), but everything else.. not so much. Thank goodness I’m back in the office and in a routine again.

I plan on finalizing my school choices this weekend. I started a spreadsheet that will help me clearly compare the pros, cons, requirements, and my thoughts on each program so I can make a decision. I started with 10 programs and will be narrowing it down to 3 or 4. I plan on sharing that with you guys hopefully by Monday.

I also plan on taking a GMAT practice test on Sunday so fingers crossed that goes well. I’ve been so focused on quant the last few weeks that I feel like verbal is a distant memory. Once I’m comfortable with both sections I will try and do a better job of balancing a little bit of each either everyday or every other day, because I don’t like feeling like I know one way more than the other. I’ll definitely need a little verbal review time before any practice test begins.

I have a few sources for practice tests, including the 2 on the GMAT site and 6 on the Manhattan GMAT site. I’ve read the ones on the GMAT site are as close to the real test as it can get. I initially wanted to save those until closer to my test date, but I also don’t want the MGMAT one to give me a false sense of security if it’s in fact a little easier. Either way, the practice will be good, especially as far as getting my timing down.

Random side note: The 12-14 year old girls group I mentor will start Summer Reading Club next week and the book we’re reading is “The Fault in Our Stars”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and/or seen the commercials for the movie that just came out. It’s about a cancer patient played by Shailene Woodley who falls in love with a boy in her support group. I am not the most outwardly emotional person so when the girls decided that’s the book they wanted to read it was one of those “Yayyy” on the outside “Ugh” on the inside, kind of moments. I’m not the biggest fan of sappy love stories (probably because i’m single and cold hearted lol) or wanting to cry my eyes out, so I’m kind of dreading the emotional pull this book will have on me. I’ve heard it’s a great movie and even better novel, so despite the inevitable tears I will be shedding, I know it will teach not just the girls a lesson, but myself as well. Cheers to tears right?

At this point in the year, I would usually feel like October is so far away, but with all this admissions craziness I feel like it’s right around the corner and coming way too quickly. So much to do, so little time. Hope everyone else out there is making progress, Sept/Oct will be here before we know it!!


Me and friends at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Saturday morning.. Such a great cause. My favorite charity to contribute to and participate in. And yes… we are wearing suspenders and tutus.





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  1. Hi there and thanks for telling it like it is. My whole week disappears pretty quickly too sometimes, but who would have thought we’d ever be glad to be IN the office!?

    Enjoying following your blog and knowing there are others out there facing the same gauntlet of essay writing and re-writing this summer.

    Best of luck!

  2. Haha nice! Let’s see the school list already!

    I featured your blog in my latest post; hope it drives some traffic for you. You have great posts!

  3. Good luck with the continued GMAT prep. I am looking forward to seeing your list of schools!

  4. Yep the time is flying by, fast. I am freaking out. All the best with your practice test! The more the practice tests, the better! Hahaha, and those tutus and suspenders are adorable 😀

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