Why Yes… Yes I Would

Came across this link in my email today and just thought I would share with all of you. Veritas Prep is offering 6 computer adaptive GMAT practice tests (+1 free one for a total of 7) for the price of $24 instead of the usual $49 until Thursday, July 31st. For anyone looking for additional mock exams, like myself, this seems like an amazing deal so jump on it if you’re interested!



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  1. well, I intend to take the test on 1st September – haven’t booked my date yet!

  2. TWBC,
    Taking inspiration from your Buns, Guns, and Abs schedule, I was hoping you could do a post on the study schedule that you follow/will be following upto G-day. Mocks that you will be taking, final review days etc.

    it would be really helpful for us all!

    • Hey there!

      I was planning on doing a debrief after I took the test just because I’ve never taken it before and wanted to share what I thought worked and didn’t work for me, but I can definitely start working on a post about my study schedule/calendar. Give me a few days 🙂

      Also, I think I currently have your blogspot blog linked on my page under “current applicants”, should I change it to your wordpress one or are you planning to update both?

      • To be absolutely frank.. I joined wordpress just to follow (more like stalk) all of you guys – not sure, I will be able to keep up both blogs together! I think the blogger blog should be good to work with! 🙂

        And about the schedule, do it only if you have the time.. no pressure. Trust me, I know how hectic it get the last few days – I was just hoping I could check whether the schedule I was planning on using it similar to someone else – just as a reassurance on my part – to check whether I was on track.

      • Haha stalk away!! But okay sounds good, just wanted to make sure I knew which one you’d be updating since you’re stalking material as well 🙂

        And yes of course I’ll post my schedule. It’ll help me as well know if I should change any of my strategies or make adjustments to my plan from you guys’ comments. I feel like prepping for the GMAT and even applying to b school is a trial and error process and the more you can learn from others, the more successful you’ll be. When is your new test date?

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