Monthly Archives: August 2014

On the Run

Big thanks to everyone for the encouraging words on my The Results are In post!! You guys keep me going I swear. It’s amazing how one goal can unite so many different people who whole heartedly support each other no matter what. If I get nothing else out of this experience, I have learned just how amazing this world is and how many even more amazing people exist within it. Read the rest of this entry

The Results are In


First of all, I want to thank everyone that took the time to wish me luck on the GMAT today! Pulling That MBA Trigger, Top Dog MBA, Naija MBA Gal, MBA on my Mind, SciMBAGNPTH, and The MBA Journey. You guys don’t even realize how special all your posts and comments made me feel, y’all rock!! Read the rest of this entry

Random Thoughts and Lots of Caffeine

I must say… I truly underestimated the chaos applying to business schools brings into your life. This time last year I was doing my last bit of prancing around the pool in my bikini and gearing up for my favorite time of year: football season, state fair season, boot and scarf season, and Fall tv show season. But now.. apparently it’s also Application Season. Oh how things change.. Read the rest of this entry

GMAT Study Schedule Breakdown


It’s officially August!! This year man… literally FLYING by!

I have decided to share my “Less than a month til the GMAT” prep schedule. Feel free to use what I’m doing as a guide for those of you with test dates coming up or even critique what I have planned and let me know what you think worked and didn’t work for you. I’m a first timer so I’m open to any and all suggestions. Read the rest of this entry