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Big thanks to everyone for the encouraging words on my The Results are In post!! You guys keep me going I swear. It’s amazing how one goal can unite so many different people who whole heartedly support each other no matter what. If I get nothing else out of this experience, I have learned just how amazing this world is and how many even more amazing people exist within it.

This week off from GMAT studying was much needed, my brain was definitely in need of a break. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end as I will be back in the library starting Saturday morning *insert dark storm cloud over my life*. In the mean time, I have used this time off from GMAT prep to work on other parts of my application. I finished my first updated resume draft, registered for some information sessions, marked my calendar through Jan 2015 with dates of events, potential campus visits, progress goals, and deadlines (i managed 2 free weekends until 2015…good bye social life sigh), and even started writing some essays. I’ve also gotten back into my healthy eating regimen, been extremely focused at work, cleaned my apartment and just feel a bit more relaxed in general, so I’d say it’s been a very productive week.

I like to believe I’m a good writer and usually get my best material when just ranting away so tonight I spent about 2 hours letting the sentences flow as I typed drafts for the “career goals” and “why this program” essays, but man did I not realize how difficult word limits are. After typing everything I could think of, not only was I already past the word limit, but I also failed to really even answer the question. My goal for the exercise wasn’t really to write an actual first essay draft by any means, I just wanted to get some practice in and have a starting point that I could add to and edit frequently, but I’m sad thinking about how I’ll have to delete alot of the material I came up with. Me and my thoughts…we have such a tight bond, I hate letting go lol. I know the primary purpose to word limits is not just to create separation anxiety for folks like me or prohibit applicants from boring adcoms to death with endless pages about themselves, but to challenge us to tell a story effectively AND efficiently, so I’m glad I started this exercise now. With having to allocate another month to GMAT studying, I’ll definitely have to pull double duty when it comes to writing essays so the sooner I start, the better because I obviously need alot of work.

It definitely felt good though to finally start putting my thoughts down on paper instead of just letting them continue to float around in my head. It’s really made this journey that much more real. My brain tends to explode at least once per day just thinking of everything I have to do before deadlines come up, so maybe now that I’ve gotten the essay ball rolling, it’ll only explode once every 3 days… doesn’t hurt to dream right?

I hope everyone else’s essays are going well!  I know alot of you are R1 applicants, so I know by now, y’all have some good stuff ready to submit!! All the best 🙂




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  1. Have you considered working with a consultant? Or do you have any friends/family who can fit into that role? I found that was way easier to cut out all the irrelevant stuff based on feedback from an objective, third party. Just like you said, you tend to develop an attachment to material you’ve already written so it can lead to some unnecessary sentences creeping into your essay.

    • I think I am going to work with a consultant. I don’t think I have anyone super close to me that will be objective enough. How are your apps going? Has working with a consultant made things alot easier?

      • Yeah, for me definitely. Having a consultant has made my life a lot easier because none of my friends has an MBA and I’m the person everyone asks for advice when it comes to writing, so I don’t think doing it the other way around would really help my cause haha. But yes, if you can afford it, I would recommend it. Just make sure you pick a good one though.

        My apps are going quite well. I’m pretty much done with the essays. But it’s one recommendation I’m REALLY worried about because the recommender had a weird case of dengue fever or malaria and has been really sick for the past few weeks. My deadline is fast approaching and I’m hoping he gets better so that he can actually fill up a page coherently. I’m really nervous at the moment. Fingers crossed.

      • Ahhhh omg that’s so scary!! Don’t be nervous, it will all work out (easier said than done i know). My fingers are definitely crossed for you.

        My situation is pretty much the exact same. None of my friends have an MBA and the only person close to me with an advanced degree is my boss who is also a good friend of mine and a really good writer (also very critical grrrr lol) who has a JD, but I would feel bad asking him knowing how swamped we are at work and how he’ll already be writing recs for me. So we shall see. I’ll probably end up doing the consultant thing though, i feel like a neutral 3rd party will be the most helpful… Damnit. Why wasn’t I more responsible and saved up before applying to b school!! lol

      • It is scary… considering he still hasn’t turned it in yet! Blergh.

        Hahaha, yeah my boss offered to have a look at my essays but he’s so swamped with work as it is, I didn’t feel right asking. Oh let me know if you need some input picking a consultant. I’m pretty happy with the ones I’m working with right now and they are relatively less expensive. Key word here, “relatively”.

      • Any updates on the rec??

        Haha relatively. I feel like that’s as positive as it gets when paying for a consultant. But yes that’d be amazing! I know you’re super busy so just whenever you get a chance, shoot me your best advice, no rush!!!

      • I’m relatively free now! Advice at the ready whenever you need it 😀 via mail would be best I think.

      • Yay!! You’re the best. You can email me at texaswannabecali@gmail.com

  2. I have exactly the same issue at the moment… while I love writing, I tend to overwrite and have a hard time getting to the point! I know you’re just writing out your thoughts at the moment, but what I realized has helped me has been to create a thought map. Forget about Excel – take a piece of paper (or even better, a massive A1!) and start scribbling anything that jumps into your head and then link related thoughts with connectors.

    I first tried writing all the thoughts that I had in my head down into Excel but I think at the beginning it’s worth to let them flow freely – without worrying of chronology, professional/personal split, etc.

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