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Mindless Rants and a Little Tug of War

1. My favorite football team to infinity and beyond, the Dallas Cowboys, currently have the best record in the NFL and I’m literally riding on cloud 9 because of it.¬†Exciting times here in Dallas…despite the whole Ebola craziness and all. But eh who cares about that when the Cowboys are on a 6 game winning streak ūüėÄ

2. After much indecisiveness, I have decided on a costume for Halloween. I shall be the Cat in the Hat. The hot version of course so no need to Google image search what this costume will look like, the internet isn’t even ready for it. Read the rest of this entry


Sleep.. Wait, what is that Again?

Less than 3 months until my applications are due and panic mode is starting to set in.

With my manager being promoted to a partner of our firm, one senior consultant promoted¬†to be¬†the new manager of our team, the other leaving to work in the California office, and an associate consultant transferring to another team, projects¬†for a staff of 5 went down to a staff of 2 (me and another consultant) rather quickly so my current state of overwhelm is quite the understatement. On one hand, I’m loving all of the responsibility I have, but on the other, mannnnnnnnnnn this couldn’t have happened at a worse possible time. I’m very fortunate that my new manager and I have a great relationship, so coming in a little late or leaving a little early doesn’t bother him as long as my work is finished, but with all the extra workload and travel obligations, it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions trying to balance everything along with GMAT studying and application prep.

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