Mindless Rants and a Little Tug of War

1. My favorite football team to infinity and beyond, the Dallas Cowboys, currently have the best record in the NFL and I’m literally riding on cloud 9 because of it. Exciting times here in Dallas…despite the whole Ebola craziness and all. But eh who cares about that when the Cowboys are on a 6 game winning streak 😀

2. After much indecisiveness, I have decided on a costume for Halloween. I shall be the Cat in the Hat. The hot version of course so no need to Google image search what this costume will look like, the internet isn’t even ready for it.

3. The Women’s Weekend at McCombs is this Friday and Saturday and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve even already stalked my roommate via social media to make sure she was cool. It’s totally not creepy when you don’t have to try very hard to find them though right?

4. Recently saw Gone Girl and I have 8 words for you… “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Like OMG!

5. I’ve already started planning my life post submitting my MBA apps in early January.

  • Read “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg and FINALLY finish reading “Nice is Just a Place in France” by BetchesLoveThis (like seriously guys, I’ve been working on this one for like 500 years… i get so easily distracted ugh and don’t judge me on the book’s author because yes I sometimes am that basic betch who loves her Starbucks, yoga pants and “literally can’t even”)
  • Travel to Spain in mid May
  • Apologize to my tennis racket for the months of neglect and train like crazy to get ready for a few spring and summer competitive matches

6. I have become the epitome of Ms. Doom and Gloom. I think I’ve internalized my stress and anxiety over having so much to do in so little time being it either with work, or the GMAT, or writing essays so much so that I’m easily frustrated and my first instinct is just be negative about everything. Like I think one of my friends texted me saying that it was such a nice day out and I responded “yeah, such a nice day to be in the library ugh” Like who am i!?! This fun sucker me is worst, and even though I recognize I’m doing it and get annoyed with myself, I can’t help it. My emotions are all out of wack for sure, but luckily for me and any one that has to even breathe in my direction, in a few weekends I’ll be visiting my Alma mater for a few days and spending time with my best buds from college should be able to pull me off this emotional rollercoaster they called MBA application season. One last crazy weekend with the people I love most will be just what I need to make it through the home stretch.

7. I’ve had the opportunity to correspond with a few current students at UCLA Anderson, and it’s like they SO get me. I knew when I first started researching Anderson, that the culture was probably where I would fit in most, and the girls I’ve spoken to did nothing short of confirming everything I already loved about the program and just made me even more excited.

8. I wonder if I should change my blog name to TexasWannaBeFuqua…or really TexasWannaBeConfused or something. I feel like I’m in identity crisis mode because I started this blog dead set on California, but the more I work on my Duke essays, the more I fall in love. Damn Team Fuqua! Anderson and Fuqua without a doubt are my top 2 programs and ask me a few months ago I would’ve said UCLA without even a hesitation, but now, I can honestly say it’s about 50-50 between the 2. I love how much more open minded I’ve become though, I think it’s a sign that the 24 and 7 months TWC is a little more maturer than the 24 and 2 months version of myself. Oh what a journey this has been.

9. One of these days I hope to fall asleep before 2AM

That’s all the mindless rants I have for now. Can’t believe it’s almost November (I feel like in every post I make a reference to it “almost” being some time of the year.. when did i become so predictable yall).

Also I have a TON of current MBA applicants listed on my blog right now so please check them out if you haven’t already and for those you with interview invites, WOW the heck out of them so I can move you to the “Current MBA Students” section 🙂 Best wishes to everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor



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  1. Uggh..Fuqua is the worst! The more I wrote those essays and spoke to people the less I wanted to go anywhere else. :- D

  2. I love number 9! I got my UCLA app in last night and got 10 hours of sleep haha.

  3. Oh Cowboys fans… Haha… We’ll see how Tony Romo finds a way to ruin it this year 😉

  4. 1. No idea what the NFL is, gonna be in so much trouble if I ever make it to the States 😀 but go Cowboys!
    2. There’s a hot version of the Cat in the Hat? Please put up pictures. Please!
    3. Women’s weekend sounds awesome. From what I’ve heard, it’s mostly just wining and dining with some socialising thrown in for good measure. Good times ahead!
    4. Read the book, it’s way better!
    5. Googling “Nice is just a place in France”. Don’t know how I missed that. Also Spain? Wow, so jealous. Don’t miss Ibiza!
    6. College besties are the best therapy. You’ll feel SO much better after meeting them, take my word for it. I’ve been there.
    7&8. Nooo, don’t let Anderson take you away from Fuqua. I like TexasWannaBeFuqua best 😀
    9. I wake up in the middle of the night just to check my phone for emails. Sucks being on the other side of the planet.

    Sorry this is so long, but you know I have nothing better to do at the moment 😛

    • Hahaha omg I love you! I appreciate your in depth responses, that’s how I know I’m not boring the blogosphere to death with my rambling.

      Once you move to Durham, you’ll hear PLENTY about the Cowboys, America’s Team as they are also known as over here, and the NFL so no worries, you’ll catch up quickly.

      I might just have to add you on instagram so you can see pics 😉

      I love wine and I love to dine sooooo sounds like a win win to me haha.

      I wanted to read the book but I just couldn’t find the time before the movie came out 😦

      Totally texted the friends I’m going with about Ibiza as soon as I saw your comment and it’s now on the iterinary for sure!! We were previously thinking about doing Barcelona-Valencia-Madrid, but Ibiza looks like a MUST. So thanks for the suggestion.

      I know! It’s going to be SUCH a hard decision. I love them both 😦

  5. Oh, and totes agree you should be checking out my blog too, dear readers! 🙂

    Come on over to my place… http://www.topdogmba.com

  6. Cat in a hat!! Love it!! 😀
    And Spain?!! Ahhhhh! Lucky you!
    Have fun at the women’s weekend at McCombs, love!

    ( Excuse the brevity, I have soooooo much to say but I have to get back to my books 😦 … Gah..) Be in touch soon! :*

    • Haha totally understandable!! I need to get back to the books myself 😦

      SO excited about Spain, it’s been on my Must See list for awhile now. And thanks!! Are you still applying to McCombs as well? I’ll make sure to do a good recap post for the blogosphere

  7. Thanks for the light relief texaswannabecali!

    I see your growth in maturity over those last months as well and think that’s totally normal. It’s also great to be 50/50 on two schools so you gage options and a back-up plan in case one doesn’t come through (hey, it’s a competitive field, right!?).

    I’m still trying to figure out the whole Halloween thing as it’s not really celebrated in my neck of the woods. I did dress up as a witch once though, so could maybe crash your McCombs weekend in that costume! Scary thought! 😉

    Your post-submission plan sounds awesome. Stick to it and best of luck!!

    • Yes it’s definitely a great predicament to be in. Couldn’t ask for 2 better programs to be torn between.

      Hahah that would be quite a fright indeed.. This is the perfect year to dress up and celebrate if you figure out a good costume since it falls on a Friday and no worries about having to go into work the next day with that oh so wonderful Halloween hangover 😉

      Thanks! And good luck on those interviews

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