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  1. Hi Texaswaanabecali! Loving your blog — especially those last few tip posts! Accepted.com runs an interview series (http://blog.accepted.com/tag/mba-student-interviews/) with b-school applicants and students in which we feature your blog and talk about some of the successes and challenges you are facing (or have faced) in the application experience, and/or about student life. We’d love to feature you!. Are you available to answer 6-7 questions via email? Can you please email me at sarahp@accepted.com? Thanks!

    Sarah Pritzker from Accepted.com

  2. Hi Narenn,

    My name is Andres and I do online outreach for TopMBA.com.
    We are an online resource for MBA applicants. We provide MBA rankings, event information, business school profiles, and MBA admissions advice. We also allow for interaction through our new MBA forum and blog.
    I just wanted to inform you that you have been featured in our Weekly Pulse!
    See the link below:



  3. Hello,
    Congratulations on launching the blog and Thank you for putting GMATClub’s link on your website. We would love to feature your blog on GMATClub. If interested, please send me PM.

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