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The Results are In


First of all, I want to thank everyone that took the time to wish me luck on the GMAT today! Pulling That MBA Trigger, Top Dog MBA, Naija MBA Gal, MBA on my Mind, SciMBAGNPTH, and The MBA Journey. You guys don’t even realize how special all your posts and comments made me feel, y’all rock!! Read the rest of this entry


GMAT Study Schedule Breakdown


It’s officially August!! This year man… literally FLYING by!

I have decided to share my “Less than a month til the GMAT” prep schedule. Feel free to use what I’m doing as a guide for those of you with test dates coming up or even critique what I have planned and let me know what you think worked and didn’t work for you. I’m a first timer so I’m open to any and all suggestions. Read the rest of this entry

Why Yes… Yes I Would

Came across this link in my email today and just thought I would share with all of you. Veritas Prep is offering 6 computer adaptive GMAT practice tests (+1 free one for a total of 7) for the price of $24 instead of the usual $49 until Thursday, July 31st. For anyone looking for additional mock exams, like myself, this seems like an amazing deal so jump on it if you’re interested!


Don’t Look Now but G-Day is Almost Here


The month of August is going to be a busy one for me work wise. I unfortunately got the bad luck of the draw and have to travel a week before the exam but I plan on using my time wisely during the day so I have at least a good 5-6 hours in the hotel each night to study. The week of the GMAT, I already have Thursday and Friday marked as “DO NOT DISTURB” days as I will for sure be holed up in the corner of the public library somewhere, unshowered, caffeined out, and studying until my eyeballs fall out.

Read the rest of this entry

How’s that Checklist Coming…

Okay so is it just me or is the month of June flying by? I swear just a few days ago I was writing my “Goals for June” post. That tells you just how far I got to checking things off of the list… Not far 😦  I tend to be a task oriented person so doing several things at once kind of blows my mind and I like to stay focused on one thing, but with June nearing its end in less than 2 weeks, I plan on doing some serious checking off the next few days. Yay for multitasking.

Travelling all last week really cost me some valuable checks I must say. When I’m in the office, it’s just so much easier to manage my time, but when I’m at the client site, we have so much to do in so little time that I work way longer hours than normal so I hardly had time to do anything but work and eat.. and occasionally sleep. I was able to get alot of GMAT studying done though in the airport thanks to several flight delays. And of course I made time for a few quick workouts in the crappy hotel gym (I had to train for a 5k I was running Saturday morning), but everything else.. not so much. Thank goodness I’m back in the office and in a routine again. Read the rest of this entry

Weekend Wrap Up

Not much of an exciting weekend unfortunately unless you consider GMAT studying exciting. I guess that’s the life of a business school applicant. Summa. Summa. Summatime.

My subconscious has been temporarily taken over by arithmetic, algebra, and geometry and the frustration has started to settle in. I consider myself pretty good at math, but the GMAC really knows how to make me question that fact. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, so instead of following my instinct and doing what I know, I rack my brain endlessly trying to remember the formula and recommended step by step guide from page 182 of the Princeton GMAT review to solve a problem and subsequently take 200 years to solve a problem. Read the rest of this entry

Goals for June


Ahhh 2 months from today i’ll be sitting for my first (and hopefully only) GMAT exam. I know it’s wishful thinking to believe i’ll only have to take it once and will be extremely satisfied with my initial score, but hey a girl can dream right!?!

As far away as 60 days sounds, when it comes to the b school admissions process, as we all know, there’s so much to do…and then re-do… that no amount of days really seems like enough time. I miss the age when summer meant absolutely nothing to do all day everyday, but alas, those days are far behind us. Below is my checklist of things to accomplish or at least start this month. My initial admissions plan was to completely focus on GMAT studying until the test, but the more i look at advice forums.. and the calendar for that matter… i realize that I don’t want to have only 2 months to start and finish the rest of my admissions applications for my first round choices. Read the rest of this entry

GMAT Resources…

Study Materials I Am Using

The Princeton Review GMAT 2013: For studying and concept review
The Official Guide for GMAT Review 13th Edition: Practice Problems
The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2nd Edition: Practice Problems
The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review 2nd Edition: Practice Problems
Manhattan GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Essay

I’m also using the online CATs that come with the purchase of MGMAT and Princeton Review prep material as well as the free online exams offered by the GMAT website and Veritas Prep.

I know with any standardized tests, to each his own, but I am curious to know experiences of people who have done either self study or used a prep course such as Magoosh, Veritas Prep, GMAT Pill, or MGMAT and recommendations.