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MBA Admissions Advice: Admissions Consulting


Before I seriously considered applying to business schools, I honestly had no idea the amount of applicants that used the services of admissions consultants. It’s reported that at least 1/3 of applicants to top 10 programs admitted to using some form of consulting. When I saw the costs of how much these services cost, I was even more surprised. But I guess, to achieve your goals, you have to be willing to do whatever (or pay whatever) it takes to get there. The more I start to mentally prepare myself for everything I have to do to apply to each of my target schools, the more I realize just how helpful these consultants probably are. If only I had access to an unlimited supply of money to pay them. I have already taken advantage of several free profile evaluations and plan to do so again once I narrow down my school selection and take the GMAT, but I am still unsure whether hiring an admissions consultant is extremely necessary for me at this point. While I can definitely see the pros, especially because I am a young applicant and the guidance would be extremely helpful, I feel like the first time around, I should try it out on my own and if I am unsuccessful, reevaluate my mistakes for next year and then decide if a consultant is necessary. Read the rest of this entry