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Tis the Season… to Finally Start Getting my $#*! Together

November already… Is this real life? Sigh…

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a “Goals” post so now that it’s crunch time, I thought it’d be rather appropriate.

1. GET INTO THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT. I was way too preoccupied with work and b school biz that Halloween pretty much came and went and I didn’t even do any Halloweenie type things besides go out in a cute costume. I’m pretty annoyed with my lack of festiveness (is that a word) lately so I am holding myself accountable and will be doing the absolute most to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m talking holiday bows in my hair (got lots of compliments last year), pumpkin spice lattes and UGGs, adopting an Angel for Christmas, Black Friday shopping, caroling (okay maybe not that one), putting up decorations, watching all the classic Christmas movies that you’ve seen a million times but watch anyways because it’s a tradition… the whole nine yards. I love this time of year despite the weather so I really want to make sure I enjoy it no matter how busy I am.

2. SCHEDULE MY GMAT. Most likely going to schedule my retake for Saturday, December 13th which gives me a little over a month to prepare. My main focus is improving Critical Reasoning which I’ve been reading PowerScore for and just practicing Quant like crazy. Also any advice on improving in Reading Comp? My accuracy is so hit or miss with that section and I can’t even pinpoint it to it being a certain subject (business, social sciences, or science), it’s just sometimes I comprehend what I’m reading and sometimes I just really don’t. Maybe I just need more practice or maybe I need a miracle. Read the rest of this entry


Mindless Rants and a Little Tug of War

1. My favorite football team to infinity and beyond, the Dallas Cowboys, currently have the best record in the NFL and I’m literally riding on cloud 9 because of it. Exciting times here in Dallas…despite the whole Ebola craziness and all. But eh who cares about that when the Cowboys are on a 6 game winning streak 😀

2. After much indecisiveness, I have decided on a costume for Halloween. I shall be the Cat in the Hat. The hot version of course so no need to Google image search what this costume will look like, the internet isn’t even ready for it. Read the rest of this entry

Sleep.. Wait, what is that Again?

Less than 3 months until my applications are due and panic mode is starting to set in.

With my manager being promoted to a partner of our firm, one senior consultant promoted to be the new manager of our team, the other leaving to work in the California office, and an associate consultant transferring to another team, projects for a staff of 5 went down to a staff of 2 (me and another consultant) rather quickly so my current state of overwhelm is quite the understatement. On one hand, I’m loving all of the responsibility I have, but on the other, mannnnnnnnnnn this couldn’t have happened at a worse possible time. I’m very fortunate that my new manager and I have a great relationship, so coming in a little late or leaving a little early doesn’t bother him as long as my work is finished, but with all the extra workload and travel obligations, it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions trying to balance everything along with GMAT studying and application prep.

Read the rest of this entry

Smiles, Handshakes, and Headnods on Repeat


Before I start this novel of a post and lose your attention, my interview with Accepted is live and ready for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the link, enjoy!

Went to my second MBA info event last night. It was a joint session hosted by Stern, Johnson, Fuqua, Berkeley Haas, Yale SOM, and Michigan Ross. There was a little socializing with adcom reps before the Q&A panel began and then networking with alumni afterwards. Read the rest of this entry

McCombs Info Session


It’s September and I’ve FINALLY attended my first MBA event… I feel a little late in the game for an applicant, but apparently all the schools I chose hate coming to Dallas so I’ll take what I can get.

First of all, kudos to me for not just being on time, but actually arriving 20 minutes early. I am notorious for being late especially when I’m going somewhere for the first time so this was quite the accomplishment for me. I also had time to scout the competition, I mean potential future peers as they came into the area where the presentation would be. Because it was a joint session for Prospective Full Time, Part Time, and Executive applicants, it was hard to really pin point who was who but once we split off into different groups it was clear. Read the rest of this entry

On the Run

Big thanks to everyone for the encouraging words on my The Results are In post!! You guys keep me going I swear. It’s amazing how one goal can unite so many different people who whole heartedly support each other no matter what. If I get nothing else out of this experience, I have learned just how amazing this world is and how many even more amazing people exist within it. Read the rest of this entry

Random Thoughts and Lots of Caffeine

I must say… I truly underestimated the chaos applying to business schools brings into your life. This time last year I was doing my last bit of prancing around the pool in my bikini and gearing up for my favorite time of year: football season, state fair season, boot and scarf season, and Fall tv show season. But now.. apparently it’s also Application Season. Oh how things change.. Read the rest of this entry

GMAT Study Schedule Breakdown


It’s officially August!! This year man… literally FLYING by!

I have decided to share my “Less than a month til the GMAT” prep schedule. Feel free to use what I’m doing as a guide for those of you with test dates coming up or even critique what I have planned and let me know what you think worked and didn’t work for you. I’m a first timer so I’m open to any and all suggestions. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Answer the Why


Since I’ve started writing this blog, I’ve realized alot of my focus has been on the HOW I’m gonna get my MBA (or at least get into a program) and a little bit of the BECAUSE ( I want to pursue…), but I have yet to really express the WHY.

I feel like the WHY is overlooked by many people when expressing their desires to go to business school, myself included, but now that I’m filling out my The Criteria spreadsheet,  I wanted to take the time to share the reasons I’ve listed thus far. Read the rest of this entry

MBA Admissions Advice: The Criteria

So I promised I would start posting more, so here we go! Barring any major setbacks, I will be taking my GMAT on Saturday August 23rd, so in a little over a month (YIKES!) and applying to all 4 of my schools in Round 2 (I’ll elaborate more on this decision in a later post). Most R2 deadlines fall around the first one or two weeks in January, but my goal is to have everything submitted by the beginning of December so I can at least attempt to enjoy my Christmas and New Year holiday in peace. I’ll be posting a breakdown of my application preparation schedule in the next week or so.

Now that I’ve started doing marginal essay brainstorming, I put together this list of criteria that adcoms look for in a b school application and have made notes in a spreadsheet on my strengths and weaknesses (will provide in a later post), and how I plan to either leverage, strengthen or combat them in the next 4 months. A lot of the weaknesses my current application has, such as undergraduate university and years of work experience, I can’t do anything to change, but this exercise has given me the opportunity to start thinking of ways to turn them into somewhat positives if asked via the essay and/or interview. Read the rest of this entry